How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children?


How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children?

20 October 2021


The best way to prevent tooth decay in children is by maintaining good oral health & balanced diet. Usually, children should brush their teeth twice a day & rinse their mouth after every meal which will prevent tooth decay.

Most often we miss the regular check-ups for our kids which is very critical part to maintain good oral hygiene if we will be visiting in a frequent to the dentist so it will be very helpful to identify and treat the tooth decay in an early stage.


Signs of Tooth Decay

  • Dull white band on the tooth surface closest to the gum line .
  • Yellow, Brown or Black band on the tooth surface closest to the gum line
  • Teeth which look complete brownish – Black stumps which indicates the decay has been aggravated to advance stage.

Does the food and drinks play a major role in a tooth decay?

Yes, the tooth decay is caused due to bacteria in the plaque which covers the teeth, if there will be excessive amount of sugar intake in the food or from the sugar which has been deposited in the teeth.

It is very important that the parents should take care and watch the children about their food habits especially sweets, chocolates, food & drinks. There should be a limit in consuming sweeting agents or else it will lead to severe tooth decay.

How to Maintain tooth decay?

The kids must brush twice a day and flossing each day. We have to show the kids how to brush the front surfaces, back surfaces & chewing surfaces of their teeth. Even we should give them a proper lesson for flossing.
We mostly recommend Fluoride tooth paste as fluoride strengths the tooth enamel and reduce tooth decay from the study it has been shown that 18-40% and mostly around 35-40% among adults has been shown prevention of tooth decay.

How does regular dental check-ups are helpful?

Visiting your dentist in a regular interval is a foremost thing to prevent tooth decay. As early we diagnose the sooner will be the treatment done. According to the age of the child the dental check-ups should be done once in every three month its needed to visit your dentist to prevent from tooth decay & maintain oral hygiene.

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