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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is the treatment mainly for the tooth pain which involves cleaning the tooth and removing infected pulp tissue from within the tooth

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic treatment which means it deals with "dental pulp"

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What is Dental Pulp

It is a living connective tissue in the root canal which is mainly contain blood vessels and nerve endings

Tooth has three layers they are

  • Enamel.
  • Dentin.
  • Pulp.

What Are The Different Situation In Which Root Canal Treatment Is Necessary???

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Deep Dental Caries (DECAY/CAVITY)

Dental caries is mainly caused by bacteria,if there is prolonged caries (decay/cavity) it will lead to pulpal infection and periapical abscess(infection beyond the root )

If it left untreated bacteria will spreadout of the tooth and cause pain and infection in the bone surrounding the tooth


Cracked Tooth

To avoid pain in the future and to save the tooth root canal treatment an d crown is necessary

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Dental Implants

Traumatic injury

If any accidental or other type of traumatic injury leads to pulpal exposure root canal treatment is necessary to reduce pain and prevent future infection of pulp


Non vital / Discolored tooth

It is necessary to do root canal treatment for Non vital / Discolored toothTo stop infection and resorption

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Dental Implants

Attrited tooth

It is necessary to do root canal treatment for Attrited tooth to prevent pain , sensitivity and calcification of dental pulp


Elective tooth

It is necessary to do root canal treatment if one tooth is missing and should go for a bridge and requires more retention

It is necessary to do root canal treatment if a tooth with extensive filling or cracks which requires crown

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How do you know that your tooth needs root canal treatment

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  • Pain - severe , continuous or spontaneous.
  • Pressure - when biting or pressing the tooth .
  • Temperature - on the particular tooth side.
  • Swelling - ranging from small bump or pimple on the gum to a swollen jaw

Some teeth requires root canal treatment have no symptoms

How the procedure will be????

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