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Clear Aligners

Are an alternative to traditional braces and are designed to help guide teeth into their proper positive. Similar to braces, clear aligners use gradual fore to reposition the teeth. The aligners are made of a strong plastic material and are fabricated to fit each persons mouth.

The number of aligners required is ascertained. The set of aligners are changed every 2 weeks, which causes the teeth to be progressively repositioned. Each aligner must be worn for atleast 20 hours every day. This slowly pushes the teeth into the pre-programmed position. The treatment time depends on the severity of each case.


  • Clear Aligners are removable so it is easy for you to brush and floss after meals
  • Clear Aligners are easier to keep clean / Hygienic
  • Clear Aligners are comfortable and less likely to irritate gums and cheek
  • Almost invisible and transparent
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Hassle free speech and smile
  • Does not affect eating habits
  • Final result can be visualized in 3D before treatment starts
  • Fewer and Shorter appointments required
Clear Aligners
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